Subject: Subject Sylbus: Spatial Signal Processing - 046743

Spatial Signal Processing - 046743
Will not be given the year
  Lecture Exercise Laboratory Project or
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Determination of the grade according to progress during the semester and a final examination.

Prerequisites ( Intro. to Digital Signal Processing 044198
and Random Signals 044202 )

Arrays and Spatial Filters, Beam Patterns, Uniform Linear Arrays, Array Performance Measures. Optimum Waveform Estimation (Beamforming), Minimum Variance Distortionless Response (Mvdr), Linearly Constrained Minimum Variance (Lcmv) Generalized Sidelobe Cancellers (Gsc), Maximum Snr, Broadband Beamformers. Adaptive Noise Cancellation. Source Separation and Signal Dereverberation. Source Localization, Direction of Arrival (Doa) and Time Difference of Arrival (Tdoa) Estimation.

Learning Outcomes
At the End of the Course the Student Will Be Able to
1. Design An Optimum Beamformer for Spatial Filtering in Sensor Arrays.
2. Enhance and Extract Signals Received by Sensor Arrays.
3. Design An Lcmv Filter for Noise Reduction and Dereverberation.
4. Implement An Algorithm for Adaptive Noise Cancellation.
5. Implement An Algorithm for Source Separation and Signal Dereverberation.
6. Estimate Direction of Arrival and Time Difference of Arrival.

Published Publisher Authors Book
2002 john wiley and sons,inc h.l.van trees optimum array processing: part 4 of detection estimation,and modulation theory
2008 springer j.benesty j.benesty microphone array signal processing
1993 prentice-hall,inc d.h.johnson d.h.johnson array signal processing: concepts and techniques

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